The Fresh Produce Journey


Our journey starts on the land, where thousands of Australian farmers commit themselves to producing the very best fruit and vegetables to feed us. Growers are dedicated and hard-working, often having to overcome set backs such as seasonal bad weather or even natural disasters. Everyday, we’re grateful to our farmers. They do a great job to supply produce at its freshest!
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Wholesalers are vital to trade between growers and retailers. They undertake all the logistics in getting produce from the farm to the central market so that retailers can access Australia’s abundant supply of fresh produce. The process is highly competitive with wholesalers competing to sell a farms produce and then competing to secure retail business.
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Produce usually hits the market floor within 12 to 24 hours of being harvested and our retailers are there to meet it. Before the sun comes up, the retailers of Your Local Greengrocer are at the markets securing their customers the freshest varieties, highest quality and great value fruit and vegetables available – and all before the world has had their morning coffee.
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The fruit and vegetable shopping experience is one of life’s genuine pleasures. Our shoppers know that buying their fruit and veg from Your Local Greengrocer ensures them great eating. They also know they’re standing up for the future of the Australian fresh produce industry by securing thousands of jobs and protecting over 15,000 farms. Show your support and shop today.
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