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Turnips are 2-in-1 vegetable crop. Both the leaves and the turnip itself can be eaten. This vegetable is a round vegetable with bright purple and white body and a very smooth skin. The Turnip is a very versatile vegetable and  can be eaten raw, or can be roasted, boiled and mashed.

Turnips are cool season crops so they are in season in the mid to late  winter period. According to an Australian Gardening website, they grow best on a warm climate, when temperatures are lower or between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.

When buying  turnips from your local green grocer,  check that they are firm,and free from cracks.

And did you know that turnips are good for your health? According to a reliable source from Alive, a National Health Source, turnips are considered to be a top vegetable when it comes to disease preventing phytochemicals. These compounds are used to detoxify cancer causing substances.

Sometimes confused with Swedes, Turnips can be distinguished by their rounder shape lighter colour and their very smooth skin. Turnips have a much more peppery taste than swedes.  Try some!

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