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Swede sometimes known as “Rutabaga” is  a popular root vegetable. They originated in Sweden hence the name Rutabaga which literaly means  “yellow turnip” These vegetables are related to mustard and radishes. Swedes  grow  with the top of the vegetable above the ground where the leaves begin.  Swedes are a winter vegetable and are at their best in June.

Swedes have a yellow flesh and are mainly used for soups and stews or can be boiled or baked.  They are high in fibre and contain calcium and vitamins A and C.

In Australia, swedes  grow in  temperate regions. They take three to four months to grow. When buying swedes look for smaller ones because they can become woody and tough if let get too old.

Swedes are often confused with the turnip but a swede has  slightly elongated  shape  with a rough purple and white skin and a definite collar.


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