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What can’t we say about the humble potato.

It is one of the vegetables that is eaten and grown all over the world.

The potato originally came from South America and is now grown all round Australia except for the hot northern parts, this means that potatoes are always available. History tell us the were first grown in the Parramatta area in the time of Governor Hunter.  Varieties are many and varied. Some of the best known are Bintje, Kipfler, Pontiac and Sebago. Your local green grocer will be able to advise you as to which are better for baking, mashing etc.

The average potato with the skin on is equal to the banana in potassium and has more iron and Vitamin C than a cup of spinach…now Popeye could have had a nice bake “spud” instead of that can of spinach. They are also high in carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals.

A bit of trivia about the “humble potato”.

It is the only vegetable to feature in an historical event…. the Irish famine and emigration.

Children will eat potatoes without complaining.

Fish and Chips was the only food not rationed in Great Britain during WW2.

I was the first vegetable grown in space …on the space shuttle Columbia.





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