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Olives are popular as an additional ingredient to salad, meat and pizza. Olives are widely known for their delicious oil. There are two types of olives, the green and black olives. Green ones are unripe while the black ones are ripe olives.

When it comes to taste, they are too bitter to be eaten straight from the tree so they are first  cured or pickled to reduce the bitterness. The methods of curing are oil cured, water cured, brine cured, dry cured and lye cured.

Did you know that olive trees can live for thousands of years? They can survive with poor soils and even with little water.

Olives have many health benefits to offer. Both olives and olive oil help to lower the levels of cholesterol. Olives also have antioxidant properties that helps to fight against stress.

Olives also contains anti-inflamatories. An interesting  fact is that Olive extracts are anti histamines as well.

So on your next trip to your local green grocer, include olives on your list. Olives are a wonderful additive to a social occasion!

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