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Okra may not be so voted as a super veggie in some Australian homes but the fact is, okra can be turned into a very delicious veggie. The flesh or the inner white pods of okra is slimy. The slimy or gelatinous juices from it are the reason why some hated okra. Some Australian homes are even using the sticky agent of okra in making gumbos and soups.

Okras are also high in fibers that helps fight bad cholesterol. It also contains vitamin B6, calcium, folic acid and high in antioxidants. Aside from the said nutrients, okra also has anti-diabetic properties that are good for people with diabetes. Those properties slow down the load of glucose in the blood.

Okras are usually grown from temperate regions in Australia. The best growing months are from October to December.

When selecting okra, choose the firm ones, green pods bright in color and avoid the ones that are limp.

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