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Mushrooms are very widely used in a lot of our favourite dishes. Mushrooms are  low in fat and kilojoules while being high in nutritional benefits. There are many types of mushrooms on the market, but the most common is the button or field mushroom. Used extensively in Australian cuisine Mushrooms are highly valued for their taste and versatility. Mushrooms are a rich source of the essential nutrients riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, potassium and selenium.

Additional nutrition benefits of mushrooms include fibre, a range of antioxidants, a positive effect on the immune system, and if they are put out in the sunshine for an hour they will generate a day’s supply of vitamin D. Research shows they reduce the appetite, so with almost no fat and very few kilojoules, they are perfect for the weight watcher.

Be sure to buy your fresh mushrooms from your local green grocer and always store them in a paper bag.

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