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Asian Greens

Asian Greens

There are a lot of vegetables that come under this heading and the majority of them are the edible leaf variety that can be cooked or eaten in salads. A few examples of these are Gai Choy (Chinese mustard) which as the name suggests is a bit spicy.   Mizuna is a slightly bitter peppery Japanese leafy vegetable.   

Another is Komatsuna which has a tasty green leaf and is related to the turnip. So you can certainly have lots of different flavours in you salads and stir fries.

Slightly different is Gai Lan known as Chinese Broccoli and is similar to regular Broccoli but is a lot more bitter. It can be used the same as the leafy vegetables but does take slightly longer to cook.

The pea shoot another vegetable that is considered an Asian green and is different  as it is the tip of the plant and some of the top new leaves. It is most often taken from the Snow pea.

Most Asian greens are rich in vitamin C, B carotene and also provide calcium, potassium and magnesium. They are low in kilojoules and contain dietary fibre. Most grow better in cooler weather.

Last but not least is the Wombok or Chinese cabbage. It is the one we are most familiar with in Australia. Surely we have all enjoyed a tasty fried noodle salad with our Bar b q.  Made of course with that wonderful Asian green the Wombok!!

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