Rossi’s Fresh Grocer

Rossi’s Fresh Grocer

Shop 7, 500 North Rocks Road, Carlingford NSW 2118

(02) 9871 6455

Rossi’s Fresh Grocer is a newly-established, family-run greengrocer located on North Rocks Road in the heart of Carlingford.

Started by Stephen Rossi a little under two years ago, Rossi’s Fresh Grocer has moved leaps and bounds in its brief history with the help of his wife Amanda and their team to become recognised as a stand-out purveyor of fresh produce to the local community.

The shop’s unique, contemporary design and visually-appealing layout exudes quality, feeling more like a trendy inner-city café than your generic fruit and veg shop.

Don’t let this fool you – the quality of Rossi’s Fresh Grocer is reflected most in their selection of premium fresh fruit & veg sourced daily, as well as deli lines, food groceries & condiments on display in their modest shop frontage.

But what Rossi’s Fresh Grocer lacks for in size, it makes up for in heart. The shop still maintains old-fashioned service values ensuring customers feel welcome from the moment they walk in.

“Having grown up in the industry and seeing the changes happen, I wanted to build friendships with the locals who support us and bring back that old-style feel of retailing – where we know our customers on a one-to-one, first-name basis.”

Stephen believes he owes a lot to his rich family history in the industry – from successful growers to fresh produce retailers – which has helped him invaluably in his business today.

“I have learnt a lifetime of knowledge from my entire family. I was practically born and bred into it, so I almost didn’t have a choice in the matter.” He chuckled.

Rossi’s Fresh Grocer also caters towards a broad range of customers within it’s diverse suburban locale.

“We strive to make our customer’s grocery shopping easier. Whether it’s having all the ingredients they need in one place to cook a delicious meal at home, pre-prepared meals made in-house for those without time to cook, or local delivery and box/bag service to the car for our less-mobile customers.”

The shop is part of a broader trend of modern fresh food retailers that are redefining what a local fruit and vegetable shop means to their community.

Everything from their bespoke espresso bar right down to the relaxing background music playing make shopping at Rossi’s Fresh Grocer an easy, enjoyable experience.

And the store is certainly doing something right, taking out an award for Best Small Business at this year’s Sydney Markets Fresh Awards (2018).

If you’re in the area and haven’t already, head on over to Rossi’s Fresh Grocer and see what all the fuss is about!

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