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Your Local Greengrocer is a not-for-profit marketing and advocacy group committed to the protection of the independent supply chain of Australia’s fresh produce. Why do we exist? Major supermarket chains spend millions to tell you that they are the freshest but it simply isn’t true. We are here to tell you that no one can beat Your Local Greengrocer for FRESH. Our products are on retail shelves usually within 12 hours of being picked – significantly faster than what the supermarkets can manage. This means that as consumers you will get the freshest product every time. Fruit and veg passes from the grower, through the central market system, to the retailer, to you. This ensures that all farmers and all retailers have a platform of competitive pricing for their businesses that promotes the longevity of the industry. In contrast to the 800+ farms that supply Sydney Markets every day, the major chains employ a mere handful and impose upon them heavy restrictions that press burdening demands upon Australian family farms. But here’s the thing; as farms struggle to meet the compliance restrictions established by the supermarkets, more and more corporatised and multinationals are stepping in and buying the land and the number of Australian farms is dwindling. In fact, if trends continue our nation will no longer be agriculturally self-sustainable and despite our wealth of farming opportunity, we will rely on other countries for our fresh produce (and the high price that comes with it).  Speaking of high prices, if the supermarkets push independent retailers out of business, they will have sole control over the price of fresh produce. If you think buying bananas in cyclone season is expensive, just wait until you can only buy bananas from one place! Help us protect the longevity of our country’s agricultural practices, keep thousands of jobs secure and maintain variety in retail selection. Shop with Your Local Greengrocer and stand with us #ylgg #breakthechains

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To ensure the longevity of the Australian fresh produce supply chain. This includes the protection of hundreds of Australian family farms, thousands of jobs and even dozens of varieties of fresh fruit and veg that would no longer exist without independent retail stores.

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