Two weeks have passed since we last gave an exclusive-behind-the-scenes look at how our Million Dollar Mango pendant was progressing, where we showed you every detail that’s involved in creating this one-of-a-kind piece, valued at $10,000.

Well our master jewellers LeGassick Diamonds have been busy completing the final product and today we can unveil the fruit of their labour (no pun intended). How exquisite!

When you enter Your Local Greengrocer’s Million Dollar Mango, as well as getting a shot at winning $1 million you could win our exquisitely hand crafted, 18 carat gold diamond pendant, complete with necklace. As the only piece of its kind in the world, this is definitely a valuable you’d want to hang onto if you are lucky enough to win it.

Competition finishes this Sunday – so this weekend get into Your Local Greengrocer for some quality fresh fruit and veg, remember to grab an entry coupon and visit to enter! Good Luck!

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