Did you know that a Your Local Greengrocer member store near you spends a little extra each week to help support their fellow Aussie family farmers and the independent supply of quality Australian fresh produce?

In return for membership to the Your Local Greengrocer program, a significant amount each year is set aside to run in-store competitions to encourage you – the customer – to give your local fruit shop a go and make the change to faster, fresher and fairer fruit and vegetables!

These promotions are very important to us for a number of reasons. As you know, Your Local Greengrocer is a marketing and advocacy group for the independent supply chain of fresh produce, from the farm to you. We don’t own any greengrocers or farms. Our members are growers, greengrocers and the wholesale businesses in Sydney Markets who facilitate the supply from the farm to the shop. This system is the fastest, freshest and fairest system in this country.

Known as the “Central Market System” – it doesn’t pick and choose which farms it will support. Every grower in the country can sell their produce through the central markets. In fact, approximately 80% of the produce that is harvested from these Aussie farms is on the shelf of Your Local Greengrocer within 24 hours. That makes it fresher by far! And most importantly, because there is competition at every layer of this process, the prices are fairer for the grower and therefore more sustainable for our fresh produce industry.

While we are not about putting down the supermarkets at large, they do have an important role to play. However, there is no question that the market size and competitive power of the supermarkets are threatening this system. They boast buying from the farm but of approximately 20,000 fresh produce growers in Australia, Coles and Woolworths combined buy from less than 2,000 of them. So everything we do is to encourage those that buy fruit and veg from the supermarket, to seek out their local greengrocer and try them out for fresh produce.

Competitions like our You Win Your Choose promotion help us give customers an incentive to do this, especially for those who may have never tried their local greengrocer. They also help us to reward and recognise those customers who have always been loyal to us. Every customer we convince to buy their fresh produce from an independent retail outlet other than a major supermarket is helping us ensure the longevity of Australia’s fresh produce industry.

How can you help? Keep shopping at a Your Local Greengrocer member store near you and encourage all your friends and family to do the same.

Don’t know where your nearest member store is? Visit our Store Locator to find Your Local Greengrocer!

While you’re at it, check out our You Win You Choose promotion for the chance to win from a choose of six incredible prizes. Competition ends Sunday, June 2nd 2019, so simply visit your nearest Your Local Greengrocer store, pick up a unique entry coupon with your purchase and enter online to be in the running!

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