Ever wondered what Your Local Greengrocer is all about? You might think that Your Local Greengrocer is any shop in your area which sells fruit and vegetables. Well, it’s about time you knew that Your Local Greengrocer is much more than that.

Your Local Greengrocer is a not-for-profit, member funded marketing and advocacy group for the independent supply chain of fruit and vegetables throughout Australia.

Our program is all about representing the independent supply chain delivering fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmer to you. We stand for locally-grown, locally-owned quality produce before all else because the best quality produce in the world is found right here in our backyard!

Your Local Greengrocer aims to inform, educate and engage everyday Australians to incorporate more fresh produce in their diet over heavily processed foods.

But ultimately, our program emphasises just how important it is for you to shop at Your Local Greengrocer because independently-sourced fruit and vegetables is faster to you, fresher by far and fairer for all!

Here are just some of the core reasons why Your Local Greengrocer is so important:

  • We champion Australia’s long and proud history of farming and stand in solidarity with independent farming families.
  • We are proud to support our central market wholesalers and the vital role they play in fresh produce supply.
  • We are determined in our support of the central market system that has provided Australia with fair and independent fresh produce supply for over 200 years.
  • We stand as one with our independent retailers and the integral role they play in getting our fresh produce to you – the consumer.
  • We will do everything in our power to educate and inform industry leaders and political influencers to work with us in the growth and development of our industry.

However, Your Local Greengrocer can only exist through our members. These members are hardworking Australian growers, wholesalers and independent greengrocers who are passionate about protecting the independent supply of Australian fresh produce and continue to support our program financially.

Look out for the “Your Local Greengrocer” logo in your local fruit and veg shop, or find your nearest Your Local Greengrocer store here!


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