The days of biting into a tasteless, floury apple are numbered, thanks to a new test hailed as a game changer for fruit production.

Pomewest, Western Australia’s industry body for apples and pear production, has launched a new set of minimum maturity standards to test the fruit before harvest to ensure only the highest quality produce hits the shelves.

The quality program is an Agricultural Produce Commission state initiative aimed at rebuilding consumer confidence and increasing demand for WA apples.

A 2017 survey by independent consumer group Choice found that consumers ranked apples as the worst fruit or vegetable for flavour, quality and freshness.

Growers are now required to test apples for firmness, starch and sugar levels prior to harvest to ensure they’re picked at the right time.

‘We aim to promote consumer confidence and increase demand for WA apples,’ Pomewest executive manager Nardia Stacy said.

‘With the ability to bring the whole industry together we are dedicated to provide excellence in eating quality.’

The quality testing program coincided with the launch of the 2019 apple season this month.

‘This year growers will be making sure that their apples will be hitting retail in peak eating condition,’ Ms Stacy told Daily Mail Australia.

‘New season apples are making their way to market now starting with the Gala varieties. Other traditional favourites Granny Smith and Pink Lady will follow soon.’

For now, you can do your part in correctly storing your apples by refrigerating them for freshness and always shopping at Your Local Greengrocer for the very best market quality available.

Original article by ABC Rural

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