Thank you for your passionate support of Your Local Greengrocer. The role of the Your Local Greengrocer program is to encourage Australians to buy their fruit and vegetables from a Your Local Greengrocer member store. We thought you might enjoy a little more information on how a greengrocer is able to supply you with the best and freshest fruit and vegetables in the land. Introducing the Central Market and our hard-working wholesale operators who manage the produce from the farm to your local store.

Across Australia, there are approximately 15,000 farmers who grow fresh produce. It’s impossible for a fruit and vegetable retailer to source from all these farms. So in order to make sure every retailer can get access to all the produce grown for you, there is a system called the central market system. Sydney boasts Australia largest fresh produce market, that is, of course, Sydney Markets at Flemington. Over one-third of all the fresh produce consumed in Australia, passes through the Sydney Markets; our central market! Each state has a central market, NSW has two. Besides Sydney, there is also a fresh produce market in Newcastle. These markets form the central market system.

The system trades through wholesalers. In Sydney Markets there are 121 of them. Their role is to seek out farmers all over the country and compete for the right to distribute a farmer’s produce in the market. This is a highly competitive process. A farmer is free at any time to change a wholesaler if they feel there is another operator willing to fight harder to get them a better market rate. This competitive process is a really important element to the central market system. The role of the wholesalers is to get the best price possible for the farmer. Some would argue this process means we the customer pays more. We maintain, however, that through the central market system everybody pays a fair and sustainable price. Which is so important to the survival of the Australian Industry.

The Central Market

As you know, today, our supermarkets boast that they buy directly from the farm. What they can’t do is provide a distribution outlet for every farm. Collectively they buy from approximately 1,200 farms. Whilst Your Local Greengrocer and the Central Market respect their right to do this, we argue that they put another level of pressure on the 13,800 farms they don’t buy from. It is essential that our wholesalers and the central market make sure every farm is able to get their produce to you.

Once the produce is farmed, harvested and shipped to our wholesalers in the central market, our retailers walk the floor and liaise and negotiate with the Sydney Markets wholesalers to get you the best produce they can for the best price they can. Again, this is a highly competitive process. What we can assure every citizen in Australia is, they have access to the best, freshest and fairest priced produce in Australia. By shopping at Your Local Greengrocer you are standing up for all Australian produce farming, and the quality of fresh produce we produce here in Australia. On behalf of the Central Market System; that is our farmers, our wholesalers and Your Local Greengrocer, we say thank you!

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