Find your nearest local greengrocer here, pop in for some fresh fruit and veggies, pick up an entry voucher and head online to enter our Now That’s Pure Gold Promo: competition opens this Saturday 19th May!

In light of our upcoming in-store promotion, it’s a good time to remind everyone what the real purpose of Your Local Greengrocer is and why we run these promotions on behalf of our hardworking, independently-run member greengrocers who continue to support the fresh produce industry.

Your Local Greengrocer was established as an industry initiative was to educate consumers on the benefits of shopping independent for their Aussie fruit and vegetables.

Aside from protecting the future of Aussie farmers and securing independent retail choice against the major supermarkets, the most important part of what we do is letting consumers know that there so many local greengrocers out there that are passionate about selling the freshest quality produce.

Our promotions are an incredibly useful way to encourage consumers who may not normally shop at their local greengrocer to give them a go. A survey conducted on customers who entered our last promotion revealed that over 4% of shoppers who entered had never shopped at a local greengrocer before.

And the best way we do this is through offering up some amazing prizes!

For example, customers who have been lucky enough to win hundreds of dollars worth of free groceries through previous Your Local Greengrocer promotions often find they keep coming back to their local greengrocer long after they use their gift vouchers. This is usually because the freshness, quality and service are just too good to pass up.

But it’s not just about the new customers. We run these promotions to reward you – the regular shoppers who already support their local greengrocer. You are customers who follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive updates before anyone else.

Our promotions are all about turning everyday customers into happy winners and turning Your Local Greengrocer into Your Favourite Local Greengrocer.

So tell the neighbours, your friends and family: you + three friends and your favourite local greengrocer could be at this year’s State Of Origin Game II, live from your very own Corporate Box!

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