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It’s a hot afternoon and your looking for something cool and refreshing then try a fresh Aussie Watermelon.

Generally you can pick up Watermelon at your local greengrocer all year round but they eat best and are better value between December and May. They are grown in every state of Australia except Tasmania. You might be interested to know that the Watermelon originated in South Africa.

Given the name of this fruit you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s 91% water! You should also know that it contains about 6% sugar. It is a great source of vitamin C too. In fact it’s nutritional breakdown looks like this:

Per 100 grams of fresh Watermelon –

127 kj of energy or around 30 calories

7.55g of Carbohydrate

0.15g of Fat

0.61g Protein

When buying a Watermelon you want a firm skinned heavy melon. It should smell pleasant as well but remember if you are uncertain ask your local greengrocer, they’ll help you choose.

In Australia Watermelon varieties include:



Sugar Baby

Champagne – this one has a yellow flesh and does not contain seeds.


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