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Rock Melon

Rock Melon

Rock melons are a large round shaped fruit with a slightly rough skin and are popular especially in summer. Rock melons are sweet edible fruits that are members of the cucurbit family. In Australia, they are available from your local green grocer in late summer. Most shoppers will recognize the wonderful aroma of ripe rock melons. They are ready to eat when the stem comes away easily from the fruit.

They are grown on vigorous trailing vines.

Aside from its fresh and semi sweet flesh, it also contains a lot of nutritional benefits. Rock melons are about 95% water and are rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals. Rock melons can be used in summer salads and are delicious served as a sweet with ice cream.

When buying rock melons they should not be too firm and should have started to go yellow. Please only squeeze them gently.

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