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Many will argue that nothing epitomizes the taste of an Australian summer more than a fresh Aussie Pineapple. While Pineapples are available all year round the best eating is usually between November and February.

In Australia Pineapples are grown in Queensland. Growing areas feature along the east coast from the south east corner to the Far North.

The fruit has a long history. It is thought that Westerners first tasted the Pineapple in 1493 on Columbus’ second voyage to the New World. A stop on the island of Guadeloupe saw the taste experience inspire many including kings!

German missionaries brought the first recorded Pineapples to Australia in 1838. The first commercial planting was in the 1840’s in Nundah, a suburb of Brisbane.

Pineapples are not just great eating, they’re really good for you to. Fresh Pineapple is high in Vitamin C and Manganese. A 100g of fresh pineapple will provide you with:

209 kj of energy

13.12g of Carbohydrates

0.12g of Fat

0.54g of Protein.

When buying Pineapples, here is an important thing to remember! A pineapple will not ripen after harvesting. So buying your Pineapples at Your Local Greengrocer means you’ll be purchasing the freshest available as no one can have produce on the shelf quicker than we can. Storage is important too, a Pineapple stored at room temperature should be used within two days of purchase for best eating. If refrigerated a Pineapple should last five to seven days.

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