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The Persimmon is not as well known as many fruits grown in Australia yet it has been cultivated in here for 150 years. There are two types of Persimmons, the astringent or the non-astringent. Our friends at Persimmons Australia refer to them as the original and the sweet.

The original Persimmon required a good degree of knowledge to enjoy the eating experience. If you eat if before its ready, the experience will be extremely unpleasant. If you are trying an original persimmon make sure it is mushy soft before consuming.

Since the late 1970’s the sweet Persimmon has accounted for 90% of the production in Australia. The sweet Persimmon offers a pleasant eating experience whilst still firm or can be left until mushy and soft like the original Persimmon.

The Australian Persimmon season is from late February to mid June and is grown predominantly in QLD. Production also occurs in NSW VIC SA and south east WA.

Like all fruits the Persimmon is packed with some of natures best ingredients to make them really good for you. 100G of fresh sweet persimmon will provide you –

312kj of energy
16.1g of Carbohydrate
0.2g of Fats
0.6g of protein

The Persimmon also boasts twice the dietary fiber of an apple and very high levels of many minerals and antioxidants. They are a good source of vitamin C and virtually fat free!

If you haven’t enjoyed the Persimmon experience it is a fruit worthy of your time. Ask you local Greengrocer to help you choose one and try a Persimmon when next in season.

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