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Passionfruit are a small round purple fruit that grow on vines. The flesh of this fruit is a sweet tangy yellow pulp. The seeds are edible. Passionfruit are usually grown in tropical areas in Australia. They are popular for flavoring drinks, cakes and even ice cream.

Passionfruit originated in South America. They come in several varieties, of colour and taste. The purple ones are the same size as an egg. The yellow variety have a hard skin and have pale orange to yellowish pulp. The panama variety are smooth with purple to pink skin with yellowish orange pulp and banana variety have elongated shape with smooth skin and a more tart tasting pulp.

Passionfruit are an excellent source of beta carotene, a good source of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, iron and vitamin B complex.

Passionfruit are usually grown in Coastal Areas,
Check with your local green grocer for the best ones for each season.

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