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The Guava fruit is native to Mexico, southern and central America although they are now cultivated in many sub tropical regions of other countries, including here in Australia. There are many varieties of Guava but the most common Guava’s for eating are the Thai White, Common and Cherry.

You may be interested to know that the name guava derives from the Spanish word guayaba.

In Australia the Guava season is from March to May. The fruit is usually round or pear shaped and can weigh up to 400g’s. The flesh of the guava ranges in colour from white to a salmonish pink depending on the variety and consists of many little edible seeds.

Flavour of the Guava varies from variety to variety so it’s a good idea to ask your local greengrocer when selecting a guava if you are not sure what you’re looking for. the main thing to look for when selecting the fruit is that skin is free from blemishes. Of course when eating fresh Guava you consume the skin as well as its flesh.

The Guava continues to ripen after being picked so if the fruit isn’t quite ripe, keep them at room temperature until they are. They should then be stored in your refrigerator.

100g of fresh Guava will provide with –

285kj of energy or 68 Calories
14.32g’s of Carbohydrate
0.96g of Fats
2.55g of Protein

They are also high in B group vitamins, vitamin C and Magnesium.

One of life’s little delicacies, enjoy an Australian Guava soon.

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