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Australian Grapes are famous for their wines but this site focuses on the wonderful variety and array of table grapes eaten as fruit.

One of the worlds most versatile fruits the grape can be eaten fresh from the vine, but it can also be used for jam, jelly, juice, vinegar, raisins, grape seed oil and of course – wine!

The grape is the fruit of the genus Vitis and was originally cultivated some 7000 years ago. They grow in clusters of roughly fifteen to three hundred and come in many varieties and colours. In Australia they can be recognised as white, red or blue/black and each colour group features its own varieties.

The Australian grape season runs from November to May. It peaks in February and March when supply, value and eating quality are at its best.

Grapes are grown right across our vast continent from WA to QLD and from the NT to the southern VIC. While WA produces grapes for the majority of the season, early season grapes emanate from the NT, QLD and NSW. The bulk of late season grapes come from VIC.

You might be interested to know that grapes were brought to Australia on the First fleet in 1788. Our first Governor, Governor Phillip planted a small vineyard as one of his first ventures into agriculture in the new colony.

The grape – red or white is packed with nutritional value. Per 100g you will receive –

288kj of Energy or 69 Calories
18.1g of carbohydrates
0.16g of fats
0.72g of protein

and much more…

The truth is they taste great and they’re good for you. Ask your Local Greengrocer what are the best eating before you buy and enjoy some Aussie Grapes when in season!

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