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This beautiful round indigo colored fruit are blueberries. This is one of the best fruits ever! In Australia, they are exporting blueberries to Asia, Europe and Canada. And because of its delicious flavor, they are ranked as second to the most popular fruits in U.S. They were once referred as star berries because of the star-shaped on its heads.

Blueberries are delightful fruits that add delightful color too! The seeds, calyx and all are edible. In Australian homes, fresh blueberries are one of the favorite and a good addition to their fruit bowls.

Growing blueberries requires hard work and a good location with acidic free drainage and sandy soil. They also require good quality water.

Blueberries are good to eat fruits as they provide natural sugars for our body’s energy. They are a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fibre. Blueberries are widely used on popular recipe such as blueberry oat muffins, oil blueberry pancakes and many more.

It’s best to choose for the firm berries and the darker the colour, the sweeter the taste of the blueberries.

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