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Bana nana na na, na na nana na, Bana nana na na MAKE YOUR BODY SING!

The Banana – natures super fruit, is guaranteed to fill you with the energy you need to sustain your lifestyle no matter your levels of activity. Blessed with its natural packaging the Banana is convenient and ready to go when you are. So have you had a Banana today? If not, pop into your local greengrocer and pick up the energy pack mother nature designed just for you!

One of the worlds most popular fruits the Banana is high in carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, Antioxidants and folate; all great energy producing elements.

Here are some other fun facts –

Did you know some scientists believe the Banana may have been the worlds first ever fruit? That’s right; early records on Banana’s go back as far as 600BC

The banana derives its name from the Arabic word Banan which means finger.

Chinese migrants introduced the first Banana’s to Australia in the early 1800’s.

Bananas are grown in Queensland, NSW, the Northern Territory and WA. However, the Tully region in northern Queensland is the major growing region for all Australia.

Whilst available all year round, peak seasons for eating and value are April through June and then August through October.

The two primary varieties in Australia are the Cavendish which are the long and thin variety. Then there is the the Lady Fingers, these are shorter, fatter and sweeter.

Now remember, per 100g of fresh Banana you are taking in –

89 calories

0.3g of fat

23g of carbohydrate

1.1g of protein

and a heap of other great things that are really good for you.

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