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In the words of our friends at Australian Avocados… “Add an AVO every day!”

This magnificent natural green package bursting with health and nutritional benefits is a great member of the Australian fresh produce family.

That’s right, the Australian grown varieties of Avocados adorn the shelves of our many participating local greengrocers everyday. With five Australian varieties you can buy in season avocados at any time of the year.

The HASS variety of Avocado is the most common in Australia and grows almost all year round benefiting from being grown in many different regions around Australia. In fact the HASS variety makes up more than 75% of all Avocados grown in Australia. Key features of the HASS is that is typically more oval than other Avocados. It’s skin is often described as pebbly and it turns a deep purple when ripe.

Another Australian variety is the Shepard. The Shepard features a smooth skin in is narrower in shape. Its flesh is buttery and doesn’t brown as quickly as other Avocados. These Avocados are grown in warmer regions such as Bunderberg. They have a short season, typically available in Autumn. Best eating and value is usually around February to April.

The Reed is the roundest of all Aussie Avocados. The skin on this variety stays a rich green even when ripe. It is grown all over Australia but it has a short season which peaks around November.

The Sharwil or Gourmet Avocados are smaller and more pear-shaped than other Aussie varieties. Famous for its rich nutty flavour the Sharwil is a winter fruit in season typically from April to August. This variety is grown predominantly on the east coast of Australia.

The Wurtz Avocado is grown along the Queensland coast and is in season from June to October. The Wurtz is a smaller Avocado with a rough skin texture.

This may seem a lot to take in, but remember when buying your Avocados ask your greengrocer if you’re not sure. They’ll be able to guide you on the best Avocado for your needs.

Let’s not forget the nutritional properties of the Avocado either.

100g of Fresh Avocado provides:

670kj Energy or 160 Calories

8.3g of Carbohydrates

14.66g of Fat

2g of Protein and

73.23g of water.

So there you go… pop in to your local greengrocer and enjoy an Avo today!

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