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The ancient Chinese believed that the Apricot was the fruit of education and medicine. Of course science today backs the importance of a healthy and balanced diet as the key to a healthy mind and body. So when in season the Apricot should definitely be in your shopping basket.

Seasonality for all fruit and veg can vary depending on the weather and other natural elements but typically Apricots are in season from November through to January. They are usually great eating around Christmas.

100g of Fresh Apricot will yield:

201kj in energy of 48 calories

11g of Carbohydrate

0.4g of Fat

1.4g of protein.

An Apricot is a great source of vitamin A too!

A member of the Stone Fruit family, the Apricot is grown on trees and has a hard seed at its center. It is a beautiful looking peice of fruit with an exquisite taste to match.

Your Local greengrocer will give you tips on choosing and storing Apricots. If not quite ripe, ripen at room temperature. Once ripe the Apricot can be refrigerated in a plastic bag. Once ripe they should be eaten within 2 to 3 days.


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