Let’s face it: it has been a scorching Summer so far. And while the souring temperatures have certainly been tough on crops (and our farmers!), this time of the year always produces some of the best varieties of fruit you can get your hands on!

Here’s a quick produce update on what you should be looking out for next time you ‘re shopping at Your Local Greengrocer!



We visited Sydney wholesaler Arize Fruit Supply and spotted some gorgeous white flesh peaches from Cedar Creek Orchards in Northern NSW, as well as some plump-looking plums sourced out of Glen Aplin QLD.


We snapped a photo of these Sunraysia seedless grapes from Sydney wholesaler T&F Marketing which are literally bursting with sweetness – so juicy and great for staying hydrated in the heat!


Get a load of these! Here Carl shows off T&F Marketing’s delicious rockmelon variety. Their prices are stable right now so definitely worth grabbing a few of these from Your Local Greengrocer.


We are fortunate enough in Australia to have many producers across the country giving us access to delicious, fresh veggies all year round. However, there are a few veggies which are still thriving right now in these warmer months.


Locally-sourced eggplants are tasting absolutely “egg”cellent right now. We visited Sydney wholesaler A&M Kazzi to check out the amazing aubergines they’re supplying Your Local Greengrocer, grown out of Douglas Park NSW.

Sweet Corn

James from Raw Fresh getting a taste of his very own sweet corn, grown locally out of Richmond NSW.

Why eating seasonally is the best way

Courtesy of A Better Choice, the national program for independent fruit and vegetable retailers coordinated by Fresh Markets Australia (FMA)

As you may know, fruit and vegetables naturally grow in cycles and ripen at different stages throughout the year. Consuming produce that is in peak season generally offers a wider range of benefits to consumers than those varieties which are not. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be looking out for in-season fruit and vegetables next time you visit Your Local Greengrocer.

Flavour –  Seasonal fruit and vegetables are naturally ripened and are harvested at their prime which means tastier, more crisp veggies and juicy, sweeter fruits.

Cost efficient – Buying produce that is in season means cheaper produce so more bang for your buck! Fruit and veggies picked during their season are in peak supply. This results in a lower cost of growing, harvesting and transporting.

More nutritious – Picking produce before it is ripe can mean the nutrients don’t fully develop in the fruit or vegetable. In-season produce is fresher which generally means it has a higher nutritional content.

Community benefit – Buying your produce locally supports local farmers and businesses and keeps money in the community. Always buy local when you can!

No nasties – Produce grown out of season generally requires more unnatural forms of assistance to grow, including pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. In-season produce grows naturally, free from nasties!

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