As we move right into the thick of Australia’s short but very sweet Cherry season, Your Local Greengrocer had a chat with Goldenfruit – one of NSW’s most prominent cherry and stone fruit wholesalers and a strong supporter of our program.

Behind the business are brothers Jason and Damian Hendriks. Sourcing their produce from some of the best stone fruit and cherry growers from across the country, Goldenfruit has been run by the Hendriks family for over 30 years.

One incredibly busy morning for the pair with Christmas approaching, we managed to pull aside Jason for a quick minute to talk us through why Aussies are so obsessed with cherries.

“Given their seasonality, people always want cherries at this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, everyone loves a juicy cherry during the festive period. They are a very special fruit and they have become synonymous with family and celebration.”

“We just try and make sure we get the best, so we can give the best.”

We asked the man himself how Goldenfruit spots a great Aussie cherry.

“If you’re after quality cherries you’ve got three main identifiers: Size, colour and firmness. Generally if you’re looking at anything over 30 millimetres, you’re part-way onto a winner. Then, check for relative firmness and most importantly colour – a deep red colour is what you’re after.”

However, Jason says it’s all about personal preference and budget.

“You can find something using those indicators to work out what you want to be paying and what you want to bring home – the choice is yours!”

Goldenfruit is an independent supplier, dealing only with independent retailers, providores and even the odd mum and dad.

Jason believes that the business’s sole focus on the independent supply chain has allowed Goldenfruit to become the success that it is today.

“Our business has grown pretty much over the past 10-12 years, primarily for the fact that we do not serve the big end of town.”

“It’s not easy for the independent fruit and veg shops, so we need to do what we can to support the little guys because once they’re out of the picture, the market price control is virtually gone.”

Click the video below to watch our interview with Jason as he runs us through the types of cherries currently on offer, as well as the magnificent varieties of juicy stone fruits you can expect to see at Your Local Greengrocer!

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