Jane Graves was one of the 10 finalists in our Million Dollar Mango promotion. Sadly Jane couldn’t join us on the day of the draw. It was Jane’s first day back at work after having a breast tumour removed and she knew she would need all her strength for work. Jane’s proxy played on the day and Jane won a $1000 Your Local Greengrocer gift voucher.

Jane was so excited! In addition to Jane’s personal health issues we learned that Jane is a single mum of two young boys, one is on the Autism Spectrum. She was so thankful for the vouchers and stressed how helpful this prize would be to her and her family.

“When I learned I was a finalist I actually thought even though there were so many great prizes, the one that would be most practical for her family was the vouchers, so I was really excited to learn that’s what I’d won” Jane explained. Maurice, the proprietor of Best Fresh Sutherland where Jane made her winning purchase was thrilled to be able to give one of his loyal customers a much needed helping hand.

“As a member store in the Your Local Greengrocer program, we are able to come together to reward and thank our loyal customers,” said Maurice. “Individually we are all small businesses but together we can show everybody out there, that supporting independent fresh produce retailers is more than just the best and fresh produce, we’re about giving back to our community as well.”

The Million Dollar Mango promotion generated over 13,000 entries and Your Local Greengrocer gave away more than $35,000 worth of prizes. Jane and her family will benefit well into the new year thanks to her $1000 voucher.

Jane knows she’ll be serving her family the very best fruit and vegetables this Christmas. She says Maurice and his team at Best Fresh Sutherland are the absolute best when it comes to quality produce and helpful information.

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