Picture yourself and three mates cheering on the mighty Blues for Origin Game II – live from ANZ Stadium in your very own Corporate Box. Think cushioned seats, gourmet dining and a selection of unlimited premium beverages as you, your guests and Your Local Greengrocer watch all the action with unparalleled views of the game!

Sick of wishing? Well, here’s six easy steps on how you can take out the top prize. Promotion kicks off this Saturday 19th May – so get ready NSW!

1. Find your nearest Your Local Greengrocer store

It’s as easy as a couple of clicks. Hop on Your Local Greengrocer’s Store Locator (click here), type in your suburb & your state and voilà! Your nearest participating member greengrocer should appear top of the list.

2. Pick up some fresh fruit and veggies (of course)

Only the best fruit and vegetables make it on the shelves of Your Local Greengrocer, so why not give freshness and quality a taste for a change. Plus, most Your Local Greengrocer members don’t just do fruit and vegetables. You can pretty much do all your grocery shopping while you’re at it and whip up something truly delicious.

Check out our Cook With Us section for plenty of easy to prepare meals which incorporate fresh ingredients from Your Local Greengrocer.

3. Grab a Now That’s Pure Gold entry voucher

Make sure to ask the cashier when you’re at the check out for an entry voucher to our Now That’s Pure Gold competition. Each entry voucher contains a unique entry code and counts as one entry.

4. Wanna another entry? Pick up a pineapple too!

So you really want that Corporate Box to Origin II? Simply pick up a pineapple with your purchase. Every pineapple sold at Your Local Greengrocer carries a unique entry sticker and each code you use counts as an additional entry.

Buy two pineapples, receive two additional entries! How badly do you wanna win?

5. Visit gold.ylgg.com.au and enter for your chance to win!

Go online and put in your details, your unique entry voucher code, plus any bonus pineapple entry codes you have. It’s as easy as that.

6. Tell your friends and family to only enter at Your Local Greengrocer!

Remember: we pick the  winner of four Corporate Box tickets from the store that receives the most entries. The more entries Your Local Greengrocer receives, the more chance one of their customers (like you) has of winning the major prize. So start entering as much as you can and get your friends and family doing the same!

Together, you can increase your chances of winning! Stay loyal to Your Local Greengrocer and you might just be rewarded for it!

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