FreshTest is the largest and most comprehensive testing program in Australian Horticulture

FreshTest is an Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries initiative to provide low-cost MRL (chemical residue) and microbial testing for Wholesalers and their Growers in Australia’s Central Markets.
The tests are confidential and are used for verification for food safety and Quality Assurance systems.
Since its introduction in December 2001, FreshTest has grown to become the largest and most comprehensive horticultural residue-testing program undertaken in Australia. It continues to grow as more industry participants make use of the facility.

The benefits of using FreshTest

We have a dedicated and experienced team who know the industry and provide personalised service. We do all the hard work.
The Australian Chamber has negotiated significant price reductions with a number of laboratories around the country, and by coordinating bulk testing from a central location, substantial reductions in administration fees have also been realised. These saving are passed on to clients.
The program is much more streamlined than trying to organise tests as an individual easy process to follow and only takes one phone call for all your testing.
Results are easy to read and are turned around quickly.
Duplication of testing has also been eliminated through the establishment of a database to manage the requests and results.

Laboratory Accreditation

All laboratories used in the FreshTest program are National Association of Testing Agencies (NATA) accredited.

Did you know?

The FreshTest program:

  • is owned and managed by industry
  • is a national program covering all states and central markets
  • is the overall lowest cost option for produce testing in Australia today
  • handles the largest number and variety of produce samples in Australia today, testing over 55,000 samples across 240 products since 2001
  • is the only program to regularly test for microbial contamination on a large scale



If you want to find out more about FreshTest and the testing that they conduct to make sure that the fresh produce we eat is at its best, follow this link:


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