Willoughby Fresh

Willoughby Fresh

67 Penshurst St, Willoughby, NSW 2068

02 9958 3541


Willoughby Fresh is a gourmet grocer specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables, along with essential grocery items and gourmet items. And with three generations of the Scala family having been at the helm of this Lower North Shore fruit and veg shop for over 30 years, it’s easy to see why locals just keep coming back.

“It’s your typical Italian-Australian family business. There’s a lot of love not only for each other, but what we do.” Said Ray Scala, who’s in charge of running the shop.

And it’s evident that they do it well. Willoughby Fresh always keeps minimal produce in stock so they are able to set a premium standard of freshness and quality you’ll find no where else. It also helps that Ray’s brother Charles is the shop’s buyer and has been in the fresh produce game all his life.

“He can spot quality from a mile away. If he’s not happy with it, we don’t stock it.”

Willoughby Fresh also have a wide range of products, fresh to you! Including; bread, continental bread, milk, frozen goods, gelato, ice cream, butter, cold meats, confectionery, pasta, nuts and fresh juice! Not to mention the highest quality fresh fruit, veggies and flowers!

But it’s Nonna’s famous home made Italian meals that have really put the store on the map as Willoughby’s BEST kept secret. Nonna’s Kitchen started out as an idea conceived by the Scala family matriarch herself, Maria, approximately 7 years ago. Since then, it has soared in popularity.

“Customers just can’t get enough of her meatballs, lasagnes, risottos, schnitzels, as well as the popular vegetarian pastas. We’ve had to set up her own prep kitchen and hire 3 kitchen hands to keep up with the demand.” 

Next time your in the area, come and stop by for a true taste of an Italian kitchen or gather the ingredients and try it at home!

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