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Boasting a 92-year history wholesaling fruit, it’s fair to say Roy Cave & Sons are true pioneers of the fresh produce industry.

Having started in Sydney’s old Hay Markets during the mid-1920s, a man by the name of Roy Cave and his son – Roy Cave Jnr – would travel to work on horse and cart. Every product was unloaded, transported and then loaded onto trucks by hand.

Today, Roy Cave & Sons continues to thrive as a fourth-generation family business – owned and operated by father and son team Rory & Tom Cave. And while a lot has changed since the early days, Rory & Tom still hold the same values that their Grandfathers built the business on since day one.

“Being a fruit wholesaler is in our blood. Dad & I both left high school and went straight into the University of Flemington Markets.” Tom joked.

Roy Cave & Son have traditionally offered premium quality Berries, Exotics and Tropical fruit varieties, and have recently expanded into dealing Citrus and Grapes.

“Things are always changing so we must evolve to make sure we’re sourcing the best quality from the best growing regions to make sure we’re ahead of the game.”

Roy Cave & Sons has stood the test of time by nurturing close relationships with both growers and retailers.

“We surround ourselves with good people whether it’s our staff, our suppliers or our customers because that way going to work feels less like work.”

This has been the business’s recipe for success, where Roy Cave & Sons now have a reputation for taking care of their customers by providing premium quality produce and friendly service.

“Most of the people we deal with are more like good friends than anything else.”

A huge advocate of the independent Australian fresh produce industry, Tom understands the importance of educating consumers about the importance of shopping at their local greengrocer.

“Without local growers, wholesalers and greengrocers around waking up early every morning making sure we have the freshest quality produce available, Australia may soon forget what good fruit and veg tastes like.”

“When you shop at Your Local Greengrocer you are not just getting better quality food for your children today but you’re ensuring that your future grandchildren will have that same luxury.”

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