Richmond Fruit Market

Richmond Fruit Market

Shop 10 Park Mall, 209-211 Windsor St, Richmond NSW 2753

(02) 4578 4200

Father and son duo Con and Peter are the proud people behind Richmond Fruit Market.

Con has been in the fruit and veg business since 1973. A migrant from Greece born and raised on a fruit and vegetable farm, he arrived in Australia when he was 17.

Living in the nearby Hawkesbury region, Con worked for his uncle for almost 12 years before eventually moving on to start Richmond Fruit Market in 1985.

Just like him, son Peter grew up around fruit and veg. He recalls as an eager teen helping around the family shop.

“I started around 13 or 14, just doing little bits here and there. By the time I was 18, I was in it full-time.”

Since then the pair have experienced great successes, extending their Richmond store to include a small deli and even introducing their own grocery lines.

“We’re still going strong as always.”

Richmond Fruit Market now have their fair share of regular customers, who come back for the superior quality they have come to expect from the produce on offer.

This is because Peter and Con live hard by the rule that there is no substitute for quality, which is reflective in all Richmond Fruit Market’s fruit and veg.

“If I like it, I sell it. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t go on the shelves.” Con said.

“There is no use selling a product that looks good without having good flavour and texture.”

In terms of a favourite fruit, both Peter and Con were undecided.

“Mangoes, lychees, grapes… all the summer fruits!” Peter said.

“On the right day, any fruit can be better than another. All depends on the variety, region and everything else falling into place.” Con said.

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