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Charlene and husband Scott started PerFresh Produce with a clear vision: to deliver quality, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables direct from Sydney Markets to the doorstep of their friends, family and the Central Coast.

The online-only fruit and vegetable delivery service was born out of Charlene’s frustrations with the quality of produce she found at major chain stores near where she lived.

“Coming from a family of fruiterers, I grew up around good fruit and vegetables.” Said Charlene.

“I would always get Dad [Jeff] to send up some of his best produce to us, but living on the Central Coast meant it wasn’t always easy getting access to it.”

Charlene’s father Jeff works as a wholesaler in Sydney Markets. Starting out in the industry as a young man “spruiking” apples for his father’s business back in the 1970’s, today Jeff does all the buying for PerFresh Produce – supplying only Class 1 & Premium-grade produce for their customers. And having been in the game for over 35 years he’s earned the trust of agents around the markets to always secure the very best quality and prices available.

” You can’t buy quality if you don’t know quality.” Says Jeff.

Realising that the only reason she’d shop at the supermarkets was because it was convenient, Charlene and Scott began their delivery service so that it was easy for families in their community to enjoy the same quality produce she and her family had enjoyed for years.

“We were so used to the good stuff that every time we had to shop at the supermarkets, we just weren’t happy with the what we were getting.” Said Charlene.

“As a mum of two little ones, I know how busy life can get. By focusing on delivery PerFresh Produce has made it much easier for time-poor Mums and Dads to feed their families with the finest quality produce at great value.”

And in little over three months of being “open for business”, they’re already looking at opening up a physical store before 2019.

PerFresh Produce currently offer seasonal fruit & vegetable boxes in three sizes: small boxes for $25, medium boxes for $35 and large boxes for $45, as well as selling additional staple grocery items such as eggs and pasta sauces.

They also allow customers to swap out items they don’t usually consume with Charlene packing the boxes herself – taking pride and great care with every item that goes into them.

“If we wouldn’t put it on our plate, it won’t go in your box.”

For delivery enquires and whether PerFresh Produce can deliver to your home, please contact Charlene directly in the details provided.

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