Martelli’s Fruit Market Cherrybrook

Martelli’s Fruit Market Cherrybrook

Shop 28, Cherrybrook Shopping Village, Shepherds Dr, Cherrybrook NSW 2126

(02) 9481 0444

Located in Cherrybrook Shopping Village, Martelli’s has a long and proud history in the fresh produce industry. A history that has led them to be thriving greengrocers intensely knowledgeable about the products and where to find the best of the best.

Frank’s father was a farmer and so he grew up in the world of growers and Sydney Markets. Over 60 years ago, Frank moved into the industry himself, opening his own greengrocer: Martelli’s Markets. It seems fresh fruit and veg permeates every aspect of Frank’s life – when he met his wife Maria, he brought her boxes and bunches of fruit and veg. After all, fresh is the way to a girls heart!

Ever since, the two have moved forward with Martelli’s Markets Cherrybrook and have an intense focus on great quality. They know that nothing can beat the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, Maria believes anyone who isn’t in love with fresh produce clearly hasn’t tasted the truly good stuff – and we agree! For a taste you won’t forget, only your local greengrocers like Martelli’s can provide you with the best.

How do we know? Frank and Maria make sure that unlike major chains, produce is in the store for an absolute maximum of 2 days before fresher products are brought in. That means you can get your produce the very same day it’s picked! You can’t get fresher than that.

Maria loves the message of health and good food, and the store does too. There’s a fresh food area where you can purchase fresh made meals and salads: soups, schnitzels, fruit salad – the works!

“Our customers are often busy mothers who don’t have a whole lot of time for cooking big meals but still want to feed their family using the freshest, healthiest ingredients possible. We make that possible with our own kitchen’s homemade meals and ready-for-the-pan veggies to take the prep time out of cooking.” Said Maria

So for your taste of fresh (and industry history) head into Martelli’s Markets and discover what good food really is.

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