Grech & Borg

Grech & Borg

Stand 327- 334 D Shed - Sydney Markets, Flemington NSW 2140

(02) 9746 6499

Operating out of Sydney Markets, Grech & Borg Pty Ltd are a vegetable wholesaler specialising in Asian vegetables, root vegetables, cabbages and herbs.

The company was founded in 1967 by Mr. Joseph Grech & the late Mr. Victor Borg, back when they had just one worker and everything was loaded by hand.

Today, Grech & Borg is a thriving fresh produce merchant – still running after 50 years of trade and still serving some of the same customers they did over over 40 years ago.

Managing Director Joanne Stone is one of Joseph Grech’s four daughters – each of which have been involved in the fresh produce industry that always seems to bring people back in. With 20 years experience working in the markets, it’s clear that she’s here to stay.

“I just love the people, there’s so much life here [inside the markets] a lot of people outside don’t know about.” Said Joanne.

“We’re always selling with a smiling face and I think that’s why we’ve been around so long. When the customer’s happy, we’re happy.”

The majority of Grech & Borg’s produce is sourced as locally as possible with grower relationships in the Sydney Basin, Hawkesbury and Liverpool Range. Given short supply or seasonal availability, highly reputable interstate growers are used to meet demand.

By working closely with their farmers, Grech & Borg are able to supply Your Local Greengrocer, restaurants and providores with the best vegetables possible.



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