Fresh Fella’s Pty Ltd T/A Arthur Pang

Fresh Fella’s Pty Ltd T/A Arthur Pang

169-172 B Shed Sydney Markets

(02) 9746 2474

The McInerney boys who own and operate Fresh Fella’s Pty Ltd T/A Arthur Pang have a long and rich history in the markets both having grown up helping their dad at Paddy’s.  No one can argue that Shaun and Heath are passionate men; they’re passionate about their growers, their business and the industry at large. They credit their father with their work ethic and values and their operating integrity is stamped in their business name.

Heath and Shaun bought their wholesale business from Arthur Pang in 1996. Out of respect for Arthur Pang who operated in the markets for over 50 years, Fresh Fella’s are committed to keeping Arthur’s name synonymous with the markets and the industry.

Considered part of the ‘young guard’ in the Markets, Fresh Fella’s are often referred to as ‘the Independent’s Choice.” This sentiment is derived from Fresh Fella’s serving independent retailers- whether they are buying 2 boxes or 100 boxes of produce, Heath and Shaun treat everyone equally.

The primary products offered by Fresh Fella’s T/A Arthur Pang are:

  • lettuce
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • zucchinis
  • capsicum
  • tomatoes
  • celery
  • seasonal mangos
  • rockmelon
  • honey dew melon

Heath and Shaun’s commitment to the industry goes way beyond their operation which is housed in ‘B’ shed in Sydney markets. Shaun is a member of the Sydney Markets Board and is a strong advocate for the needs of the independent retailers who purchase through the central market system. Heath is on the board of the NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries and is also Chairman of the Your Local Greengrocer program.

Serving their loyal growers and buyers with diligence and integrity is just par for the course for the team at Fresh Fella’s. Collectively they are working hard to meet the needs of their business and all affected by its longevity. Beyond that, they are working bloody hard for the longevity of the industry at large.

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