Freshcorp Fruit Market

Freshcorp Fruit Market

Shop 1097-1099 Westfield Hornsby, Burdett St, Hornsby NSW 2077

(02) 9482 3888

Charlie and his daughter Jessica have run Freshcorp Fruit Market for the past three years and the duo offer a father-daughter approach that is both personal and efficient to ensure you get the best experience from your shopping. Her parents have been in the fresh produce industry for 25 years and have passed their knowledge to build Freshcorp into the flourishing business it is today.

Jessica is all smiles and accompanied by her friendly and capable staff to bring the best and freshest produce to you. Freshcorp specialises in asian vegetables, including hairy melon, long melon and cooking mango. Also available to you are a salad bar, juice bar and in-house meals including pumpkin and lentil soup.

And if all this still doesn’t satisfy you, Freshcorp offers the unique opportunity for consumers to request any produce they like. Simply write down your order on Freshcorp’s blackboard and the produce will be hand-picked and brought to you, “dad never says no”. Freshcorp is a leading example of personalised service and looks forward to seeing you in store!


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