Forestway Fresh – Terrey Hills

Forestway Fresh – Terrey Hills

341 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084

(02) 9486 3340

Forestway Fresh is Sydney’s premium food store

We sell high quality, fresh produce as well as a fine selection of groceries and food products. Located in Terrey hills, we are more than just your average fruit shop.  Fortunately, we are nothing like a chain store either. We are a whole new type of food store. Let us take a minute to explain exactly what makes us so special….

we are a family run business

We are 100% family owned and run. And proud of it! Since opening Forestway Fresh in 2003, the Polistina Family (Domenic and sons, Pasquale and Tony) have been working hard to bring you the ultimate food shopping experience.

we are local, we are independent, we are knowledgeable

No one tells us what to buy or where to buy from. We are on the floor, listening to our customers and responding to their needs. Pasquale and Tony are third generation fresh produce operators. Domenic has been in the industry for over 40 years. So, we know our stuff.

we are hands on

We personally work in the store, seven days a week to ensure everything is perfect. Domenic and Tony go to the markets every single day and come back to sort, stack and rotate produce. Pasquale orders and maintains grocery lines as well as handling the business end of things. So we are in there getting our hands dirty with the best of them!

we are all about the quality

We never compromise on quality. We strive to deliver the best quality produce at the best price. We have specialty items not readily available elsewhere.  And we won’t stock grocery lines, unless they meet our strict criteria. All we care about is delivering the best. Best produce, best products and best price. All with a high standard of customer service and convenience.

we are different

We don’t want to be like anyone else. We want to do our own thing, even if that means we are going against the tide. We want to make our customers happy. We handle every piece of fresh produce with care. We take pride in our work and in our store. We taste our grocery lines. We just want everyone to eat and enjoy really good food!

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