Forest Fruit Market Toukley

Forest Fruit Market Toukley

300 Main Road, Toukley NSW 2263

(02) 4397 1991

Since he was a boy, Barry has lived and breathed the greengrocer life. Having left school back in 1986, he began working casually in a local fruit shop in Toukley – not at all far from where Forest Fruit Market is now!

It was there that Barry decided he’d own his own shop one day and 1996, he and two of his business partners did just that.

Nowadays, it’s just Barry that runs the shop as his store continues to grow every week.  When chatting about why he got into the business, having worked in a variety of retail sectors he assures us that fresh produce is by far his favourite. Barry loves the colour and energy that fruit and vegetables have to offer and when chatting about his own store – it is clear that there’s a lot of life in Forest Fruit Market.

Forest Fruit Market’s produce is hand-picked by the man himself, bought at the markets the same day it appears on the shelves. It is so well presented that you simply can’t resist walking in and experiencing the bright atmosphere. Barry takes great pride in stocking the freshest products at the best prices. It’s all about the customer at Forest Fruit Market!

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