Delish Deliveries

Delish Deliveries

28-32 The Kingsway, Cronulla NSW 2230

1300 335 474

Delish is run by Shire based foodie couple, Jaeger & Claire. Together they share their passion for fresh produce by supplying local fruit, veg, meat and seafood to the Greater Sydney area.

They believe in a balanced lifestyle and are actively involved in promoting healthy eating programs to local schools and gyms. They work closely with Oz Harvest to reduce food wastage and help those most in need.

Jaeger hand selects the best produce from local farmers and suppliers and their team package your order fresh for delivery. All orders are received within 24 hours of purchasing from Sydney Markets.

Their Fruit & Vegetables are conventional; however, they work closely with farmers and suppliers at Sydney Markets to use local spray free lines wherever possible.

Their Butcher is a small family business providing top quality Grass Fed, Free Range, Hormone & Chemical Free meats. Their most popular cuts are Pork Belly, Bacon, Lamb Cutlets, Rib Eye and Wagyu Rump.

Their Seafood is purchased directly from Sydney Fish Market Auctions and perfectly portioned for every order. Most popular lines are Salmon, Barramundi & Flathead.

They also offer recipes which are written by Jaeger and include a balance of high-quality proteins, powerhouse veg and healthy fats. They have eliminated processed carbohydrates from their recipes and witnessed some amazing weight-loss results!

They buy all of their product from the independent supply chain. Not only is their product the freshest but it is also the fairest!

They interact heavily through social media, making the business transparent and trustworthy to all their customers.

They will regularly show you behind the scenes at their warehouse, conversations with suppliers at the markets and share stories from happy customers.

Their service promise is everything is 100% Delish or replaced for free.


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