Cronulla Gourmet Grocer

Cronulla Gourmet Grocer

44 Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 2330

(02) 9523 2749

Paul Saad – owner/proprietor of Cronulla Gourmet Grocer – knows what his customers want.

He’s the man responsible for transforming the then-Cronulla Fruit Fair into the thriving business Cronulla Gourmet Grocer is today, carrying out a much-needed refurbishment of his fruit and veg shop back in October 2016.

Since then, his business has moved from strength to strength within a rapidly changing Cronulla locale, as customers become increasingly health conscious and demand a wider choice of products.

“While we will always stay true to our roots, we’re doing a lot more to keep our customers happy these days and that’s what keeps it exciting.”

This has meant bringing in a massive salad bar with over 14 choices, a Cronulla-themed juice menu featuring items like the Wanderer and the Kingsway, an extensive deli section and a select range of gourmet groceries sourced from small businesses across the country.

“If you’re ever in Cronulla, you really can’t go past our house made avocado dip. It’s an absolute favourite!”

However, Paul certainly hasn’t forgotten about the real reason his fruit and veg shop has become highly regarded within Cronulla, staying true to his mantra that “Quality fresh produce isn’t a choice, but a necessity.”

“We’ve continued to look at ways we can deliver the best fruit and veg to our customers. Even little things like keeping our displays stacked smaller to keep our produce fresh means we can keep customers coming back for more.”


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