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If you receive this newsletter it’s because at some time you have chosen to shop at Your Local Greengrocer. To all of you, we say a sincere Thank You! We’ve been studying our brand and what it really means. You might have noticed by the title of this article, that “Faster, Fresher, Fairer” has been expanded a little.

Your Local Greengrocer is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT member funded marketing and advocacy group for the independent supply chain of fruit and vegetables throughout Australia.

The independent supply of fresh produce throughout Australia refers to all Australian growers of fresh produce. Our system does not discriminate and enjoys healthy competition at every level of the process. Every farmer that plants a seed can sell their produce through our system. We do not limit supply to only a select number of farms and we do not put any parameters or specifications on produce.

Quality is driven by producing the best possible fruit and vegetables to secure the best price at the farm gate. From the farm gate to you, no one can supply produce to you faster. Your Local Greengrocer is in the markets everyday picking out the best buys for you and will have their buys on the shelf for you that very day.  That is why we can say we’re “Faster to You.”

Our speed to market is what makes us “Fresher by Far!” From the moment fresh fruit and vegetables are picked, their freshness starts to diminish. Therefore the sooner we can get that supply on your plate, the fresher it is. This is also a major criteria for value. Your Local Greengrocer is often said to be more expensive than the supermarkets but this is simply not true. If you compare prices very closely you will see that across the entire range of fruit and veggies, your local greengrocer is very competitive on price. What’s more because our produce is fresher it will last longer which means less waste. That also contributes to the value of our produce.

“Fairer for All”, is the lynch pin of our brand. When you shop at Your Local Greengrocer you can be sure that the price you pay is the fairest price for the farmer. Cheap or ‘down; down’ or ‘red spot specials’ don’t guarantee farmers a fair price. A supermarket doing business with a few farms does not ensure the survival of the Australian fresh produce industry. Creating fat cat multinational farms owned by foreign investors does not ensure a strong and vibrant Australian fresh produce industry. It’s only when a consumer shops through the independent retail network they can honestly say, “I support Australian farming and the fresh produce industry.”

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