Avocado lovers rejoice. Giant avos weighing up to 1.8 kilograms are now available at independent greengrocers in NSW.

Avozillas are five times the size of a typical avocado variety, with an average weight of 1.2 kilograms.

And the wow factor goes beyond the size — the variety is considered a very good eating fruit.

The Groves family began harvesting the first crop from their 400 Avozilla trees at their tropical fruit farm in Bungundarra, central Queensland three weeks ago.

The family is the only commercial grower of the variety in Australia.

David Groves said he was thrilled to be part of an industry first, bringing a new variety to the market and seeing people get so excited about it.

“Everybody is pretty amazed to see these giant avocados and they are quite a statement, when you see one it is unforgettable,” Mr Groves said.

Mr Groves said the taste was very buttery — that was the first box ticked when the family considered buying into the variety.

“Often big fruit and big vegetables don’t taste as good as the smaller ones but in this case, they really do, they are a very good eating fruit,” he said.

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