Have you ever found yourself standing at the shelves of Your Local Greengrocer wondering how you can justify forking out the extra dollars for organic carrots, when the non-organic variety are so much cheaper?

For many, price is a top consideration when we’re buying groceries, even if we want to buy organic produce. So if you can’t afford to buy only organic groceries, are there some organic products you should prioritise over others?

Well, that depends on your reason for wanting to buy organic produce in the first place.

Is organic more nutritious?

For those buying organic produce for health reasons, one of the major considerations is whether organic fruit and vegetables are more nutritious than conventionally farmed produce.

It’s difficult to get a clear answer on this. That’s because the nutritional quality of our fresh food varies widely, regardless of whether it’s organic or not.

“You literally can’t pick two apples off the same tree and get exactly the same nutritional profile,” said Dr Liza Oates, who teaches Food as Medicine at RMIT.

“There’s a lot of natural variation in the nutrition of the food we buy,” said Dr Tim Crowe, a nutrition scientist at Bond University. “Variation from the climate, the soil it’s grown in, and how it’s processed.”

Dr Crowe said next to no research has found that organic food is more nutritious.

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