Our member stores continue in their quest to provide you with a superior product and service for your fruit and vegetables. We all know it’s a challenge but our members and this initiative will continue to work tirelessly to make sure all Australians have a better choice than a supermarket for fruit and vegetables for a long, long time to come.

2019 presents us with many opportunities. Firstly we’re going national! Yes, as many of you will know Your Local Greengrocer is a NSW only program. There are similar programs in other states and some states don’t have a program at all. However, what we can tell you is that all the states have come together to work at a national level so that we have a louder voice. For Your Local Greengrocer, it means some soft rebranding to come under the national umbrella. You will also start to see a far greater emphasis on our member stores. You see for a small business to compete against the market power of the supermarkets requires a collective effort. As supermarkets spend millions of dollars to constantly remind you that they are freshest, it’s tough for a small business to be heard. It is only through these collective state and now, national initiatives that we can cut through the supermarket noise for the greater good of the Australian fresh produce industry.

Sadly many greengrocers aren’t on board. We need to work harder to demonstrate to them, the value and importance of what we are doing. And you can help. We are looking at a couple of key things for 2019.

  1. Making a member store easier to identify through better signage
  2. Working with our member stores to tailor these fortnightly newsletters to be store specific
  3. We’ll be working harder on better local promotions
  4. And as always we’ll be making sure our members are bringing you the best and freshest produce

You can help us by making sure you are shopping at a member outlet. If your favourite greengrocer is not a member, you can tell them of your support for our initiative and encourage membership. It is only through all of us coming together that we will ensure an independent supply of Australian Fresh produce for years to come.

We’ll be providing more information and keeping you all up to date on the many new plans we have in store for Your Local Greengrocer in 2019.

We look forward to your continued support. Wishing you all a great 2019, from all of us here at Your Local Greengrocer, ‘a Better Choice’ for Fruit and Vegetables!

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